The girl who threw up PINK in third grade (impakta_) wrote in baboy,
The girl who threw up PINK in third grade


Almost a year!

Wow. Holy crap only 4 days to go until my dapat 1 year anniversary for my last post here. I've lost 20 pounds since! WHOOOT! What joy!

Anyway, I have extreme summer goals. Of course one is to loose wieght like hell before Summer Slam (ETO NANAMAN TAYO) and snag the man of my dreams! HAHAHA.

I could've taken like 2 more subjects but I talked to my mother and she agreed that mornings of this summer will be spent doing laps and whatnot excercises. I need to take away my BOOTY, which is the largest part of me. HAHAHAHA (why couldn't it have been my brain instead?).

So summer goal: LOOSE POUNDS!!! and SNAG MAN! (not relevant to the community but... well LUV NA TO EH!)
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