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[09 Jun 2006|09:11pm]

The new site the project www.soundmix.spb.ru is started
The most progressive and new music!!! All styles and directions!!!
Gallop without problems))))
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[11 Apr 2005|04:16am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hay naku. Sino kaya ang nanalo last summer slam? Erm! Less than a month away na lang ang summer slam 5. Sheeesh. Wala lang, naisip ko lang buhayin tong community.

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WHOOOT! [11 Apr 2005|04:08am]

Almost a year!

Wow. Holy crap only 4 days to go until my dapat 1 year anniversary for my last post here. I've lost 20 pounds since! WHOOOT! What joy!

Anyway, I have extreme summer goals. Of course one is to loose wieght like hell before Summer Slam (ETO NANAMAN TAYO) and snag the man of my dreams! HAHAHA.

I could've taken like 2 more subjects but I talked to my mother and she agreed that mornings of this summer will be spent doing laps and whatnot excercises. I need to take away my BOOTY, which is the largest part of me. HAHAHAHA (why couldn't it have been my brain instead?).

So summer goal: LOOSE POUNDS!!! and SNAG MAN! (not relevant to the community but... well LUV NA TO EH!)
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A mother's bribe [15 Apr 2004|07:17pm]

My mother bribed me 1000 bucks for each pound lost. The most I can loose is 30 lbs.. 30k for any gadget I want plus 20k from my grandmother if I do loose 30 lbs. WOW. 50k. Though I don't know whats there to buy...

`cept maybe for food....

yup... FOOD.

(I now weigh something near 200 lbs. amazing noh?)
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malapit na.. [09 Apr 2004|03:13am]

[ mood | busy ]

Judgment day - The Pulp Summer Slam 4.

Are you ready?

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:( [20 Mar 2004|08:39am]
[ mood | depressed ]

this whole month sucks! i'm back at where i started from this whole weight-disappearing act thingy, work's a bitch (my boss & peers have nothing better to do but depend & annoy the living shit out of me) my old lady is sick (ginoiter na naman)and i am soooooo missing my girl. POOOTAAHHH i usually don't whine & complain in public but this is just PISSING ME THE HELL OFF!!! this is getting boring and needs to end one way or the other.

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jogging to da MAX! [09 Mar 2004|12:57pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I plan to jog every night this week. I started on Sunday.

For now, its a SMASHING SUCCESS! I eat less ( Blue Skies + Tuna ) and
I go around the acad oval (2.2km) thrice. WAGI!

*I feel thinner*

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Ways to get laid.. I mean get physical! [07 Mar 2004|06:29pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Yoga - shoulder stand
Aerobics -Aerobench, Aerokick boxing
Wall Climbing

*Thou shalt not exercise your tongue*

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[07 Mar 2004|06:12pm]

Baboy foreverrrr...


Anyway, I don't think I'll be loosing weight soon. I mean the only thing I do is study and hang around sitting on my ass. For crying out loud when will I loose weight?!

I think I have to burn down Dunkin' Donuts....
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let's see the results! :D [30 Jan 2004|07:30pm]
[ mood | happy ]

it's been a month now since i joined this gangsta's of baboys...yeah! and gusto ko lang sabihin na back then i weighed in at around 222 lbs....ngayon i'm 210 lbs na lang! :D yeah bebi yeah! hehehehe madaya kasi situation ko in a way eh, nung nan dyan ako last month lagi kaming binubusog ni mader eh ngayon na bumalik na ako dito sa Seattle, wala ng nagmamahal sa akin enough para pakainin ako ng libre! wahhhhhhhh :D

kayo ba, hows the torture working? hehehehe

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[27 Jan 2004|12:49am]

This morning. The pink and orange sign drew me closer to it :) I got from it a honey dipped donut and black coffee... Just the way I like it...

Waahh!! Will this hell ever end?!!
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I give up [25 Jan 2004|01:49pm]

I know i'm not supposed to and I don't think I will, but with my mom here, it's hard to keep away from food. She keeps on feeding me food that I like and of course, I cannot get away from that fuschia and oragne sign. We're destined together... HAHA.
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the challenge [18 Jan 2004|05:16pm]

[ mood | whimsical ]

ano na ba nangyare... well, for one, i no longer eat just because i think the food is great... well, sometimes. i still get to binge once in a while. but i will get through with this... seryosohan na ba talaga ito? ohmigod!!! hindi ba pwede mag bangkok pills na lang!!! wahhhh!!!

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An infinite ordeal that will never end [15 Jan 2004|09:38pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Yes, I am big. And instead I feel that strange flab growing down there. Stress?

When you're pissed off... food is your best friend... WAAAHH!! How can I ever loose this?

banana & peanut butter sandwhich
sinigang na baboy!

and isel's tempting 3 words... there's only one word that kicks me in the ass...



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enjoy the moment [29 Dec 2003|11:44pm]

[ mood | naglalaway ]

yum... 3 letters... a word so powerful...

selecta strawberry sundae... 3 words... it keeps getting better...

im trying to enjoy this sweet moment... just me and my scoop of ice cream... it wont be long till i have to forget about this heaven... in the pursuit of health... and ease in purchasing clothes...

para sa unang pasko na hindi tayo kumpleto... luisa! nyar har har!

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Mabuhay tayong mga Baboy! :D [27 Dec 2003|12:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Pahabol...Tara, thanks for the accurate BMI & the Invitation! hehehe *hugz*

I may not be online for a while so i'll just say it now...Happy New Year my Fellow Baboys! Magsilayuan kayo sa paputok at sa mga Keso at Fruit Salads sa gabing yun!:P

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Millions of Peaches..Peaches for Free! [27 Dec 2003|11:58am]
I'm not obese i just eat a LOT! :D

Today was a horrible day in the "diet world". I made it through the day without gnawing everything that was set in front of me. But my mom i believe is the Devil himself/herself..whatever!:P Why did she have to offer me my favorite ice cream? She knows that there's no saying NO when Halo-Halo Sorbetes is just inches away from my craving lips, FUCK! Oh well, i guess i can always start again anew just as long as i loose my desired weight which is 35 lbs then all will be SWEET again! :D

By the way, word of the wise, do not..i repeat..DO NOT watch Senti movies or even listen to Senti songs when you're all alone. Food will always decieve the paths of the die-tous! hehehe charing!
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salamat sa courier [28 Dec 2003|12:25am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

buti na lang late an dumating yung package! kung hindi marami kaming handa nung christmas. nyarhar!!! im starting to plan what diet i should take. maybe i shouldjust make do with crackers and water. that way i dont have to starve myself. oh well, lets cross the bridge when we get there.

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Procrastination is my #1 companion [27 Dec 2003|02:45am]

Well, I guess the only thing that would hinder me from my goal is probably... PROCRASTINATION. My true and most loyal life non-substance, mind drug. Arrrgghh, I'm still waiting for the new year to come then I could start. But then it could be a start for a new "Let's do it next week" again. AAAHHH!! I need food since i'm going through the infliction de douleur stage again. What's wrong with meeeee!!!!

I neeeeedd too get over it!!! Hahaha

Oh well i'm glad we have another addition to the group... it's... dyordz. I had to get his BMI to prove to him that he's not obese! Hahaha. Go george go!
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Here I go again! :D [26 Dec 2003|10:30am]
[ mood | determined ]

Ahhh the ever frustrating road to weight loss, I be DAMNED! I've been successful in loosing some pounds in the past but then again i have been a victim of laziness so my efforts go unrewarded. I am tired of routines, tired of standards...of how people should look and most of all, i am tired of being lazy! I know peoples criticisms should not affect me but it is hard sometimes to ignore the truth?...that i am only human and that everything around me WILL affect me!

So, here i am again making my new list of will do's and will not's. To those who are with me in this quest for enlightenment, i raise my cup of chocolate ... sweet yummy chocolate ... to you. May our goals be successful and our efforts be rewarded coz we all deserve it...CHEERS! :)

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